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Selling a home is a very important lifetime event, but can be overwhelming. There are so many considerations that go into the process - deciding price, staging, marketing, and negotiating offers. We’re here to walk you through all these steps, advising and guiding you in making the best possible choices for your situation. SWB’s listing specialists have years of experience working here in Clark County, and have become experts in our local market and community. Our unique team dynamic allows each agent to spend more time assisting you and your needs. We would love the opportunity to help you sell your home! To reach our team of experts, simply send us a call or text at 360-836-6799.

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Meet Our Listing Specialists

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Chauntel Sullivan - Headshot

Chauntel Sullivan

Telephone: 360-901-3388

Email: chauntel@

Nikki White - Headshot

Nikki White

Telephone: 360-921-7270

Email: nikki@

Christy Buchanan - Headshot

Christy Buchanan

Telephone: 360-904-0543

Email: Christy@


Our Listing Process

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  1. Consultation: Let’s Talk

    We’ll talk through what to expect in today’s market. Together, we’ll figure this all out so you can spend your time moving forward with the next steps of your life, while we manage the sale of your home. We’ll also lay the groundwork for what will be coming in the days ahead.


2. How we sell your home:
Full Service Marketing

  • Preparing your home for profit

  • High quality photography

  • Visual tours

  • Traditional marketing

  • Cutting edge social media marketing

  • Complimentary home warranty

3. Negotiating the offer

“The Offer'“ is what someone is willing to pay for your home. It includes the following things:

  1. Purchase price

  2. Earnest money

  3. Title company

  4. Deadline protection

  5. Additional contingencies, terms and conditions

  6. Closing date


4. Closing the Sale

We’ll help you negotiate to a final offer that creates a “win-win” while looking out for your best interest. From there, we’ll work on the following:

  1. Calculate estimate net proceeds

  2. Confirm buyer’s application and pre-approval

  3. Deliver copies of the purchase and sale agreement to you and all necessary parties

  4. Tightly monitor deadlines

  5. Review buyer’s home inspection and advise on obtaining bids on any needed repairs

  6. Confirm order of appraisal

  7. Complete closing and arrange the transfer of keys